7 Best Dressage Helmets in 2023 (Safe & Stylish)

Helmets are commonplace in dressage now and for a good reason. They are essential for rider safety and a best practice.

Luckily, they’ve also gotten a lot more stylish over the years, and now even riders at the highest levels of the sport compete in them. The best dressage helmets are safe and stylish.

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IRH Elite EQ

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Charles Owen AYR8

Best Dressage Helmets

1. IRH IR4G XLT Matte Dressage Helmet


  • Exceeds the current helmet safety standards and is highly ranked in the Virginia Tech helmet study
  • Offers superior comfort throughout the helmet, from fit to chinstrap
  • Comes in four sizes and two colors – black and brown
  • Ventilation throughout the helmet and two machine-washable, moisture-wicking, removable liners
  • The fashion-forward design looks sleek and professional in the ring

Why It’s Great for Dressage 

IRH is a tried and true favorite among equestrians for its quality and beautiful products.

The IRH IR4G Matte is the best riding helmet for dressage because it builds new innovations into a classic IRH helmet.

Riders rave about how comfortable this helmet is, and the extra ventilation that helps keep them cool. The chin strap is simplified and more comfortable than previous models. 

Fashionistas also love the design that allows them to be trendsetters in the dressage ring.

The helmet is only available in black and brown, but four size options mean that all riders can benefit from the high safety standards.

2. IRH Elite EQ Show Helmet


  • It’s built ultra-lightweight for ease of wearing and added comfort
  • Riders can easily tuck their hair under helmet for a professional show ring look
  • Ventilation on the side and front keeps riders cool and doesn’t detract from the design
  • It’s stylish with a streamlined and modern look
  • The preferred helmet of Liza Boyd, a top jumper rider

Why It’s Great for Dressage 

The IRH Elite EQ Show Helmet is the classic and timeless choice for showing.

It emulates the preferred show ring style and has the sleek professionalism that consistently ranks it as the best dressage show helmet.

Riders will look as cool as they feel, thanks to the ventilation and cool-on lining. The low-profile geometry used to construct the helmet make it stylish.

Three sizes mean that most riders can use this helmet.

The suede outer cover requires a little extra care to keep it show-ready when compared to a matte helmet. Black is the only color available, but that is also the preferred show color.

3. Charles Owen AYR8 Plus Helmet


  • Comes in both a regular and a round fit
  • The 14 size options provide an exact fit for every equestrian out there
  • It’s a low-profile helmet with an elegant design 
  • An industry-leading 12 ventilation slots keep riders cool
  • Multiple Olympic Gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin competes in a Charles Owen dressage show helmet

Why It’s Great for Dressage

The Charles Own AYR8 Plus Helmet is a popular dressage helmet because it incorporates design features that riders love with comfort and cooling technology.

Equestrians may be familiar with this helmet without even realizing it because so many of the discipline’s top athletes ride and compete in it. 

The liner is antimicrobial to reduce odors that come with regular use in hot weather, and the headband inside the helmet is also removable and washable.

The harness has a leather appearance for added elegance in a comfortable and safe material. Micro-fiber suede on the sides of the helmet provides a more professional appearance.

4. IRH IR4G Suede Dressage Riding Helmet 


  • The navy dressage helmet option stands out from the crowd
  • The chin strap is quick release and also has added comfort in a low-profile design
  • Easily transition from the schooling ring to the dressage show
  • Four sizes available and snap-in liners for a customized fit
  • The suede exterior is ideal for showing

Why It’s Great for Dressage

The IRH IR4G Suede Dressage Riding Helmet is setting new trends in the dressage world by combining the features riders love in the IRH IR4G with the suede exterior preferred in the show ring.

It’s also the best dressage helmet under $250, but comfort, safety, and style aren’t sacrificed at all en route to the economical price point.

The snap-in liner provides a customized fit for maximum safety, while other features, including the low-profile and quick-release chin strap, add to the overall comfort.

This helmet is also available in dark blue, matching the navy show coats some riders prefer, and standing out from the crowd.

5. Tipperary Windsor MIPS Wide Brim Helmet


  • The wide brim on the helmet offers added sun protection
  • Its multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) protects during rotational falls
  • It features crush-resistant banding made of fiberglass
  • There are six ventilation areas located throughout the helmet and a washable liner
  • It’s a dressage hat with the highest safety ratings and extra comfort features

Why It’s Great for Dressage

Dressage riders know what it’s like to spend a day blinded in the sunshine, and the Tipperary Windsor MIPS Wide Brim Helmet helps shade your eyes while also keeping riders cooler through extra ventilation.

There are five colors and three sizes available, allowing for individualization and style preferences, making it a must-have dressage helmet.

This is the safest dressage helmet because of the superior design and the MIPS system that offers added protection during rotational falls.

It also blends Tipperary’s innovative Retention System with the MIPS for extra safety not found in other brands. It remains a lightweight helmet even with all these safety features.

6. Champion Evolution Puissance Helmet


  • These helmets are hand-made, ensuring the highest quality and safety
  • The rear-lacing adjustment on the harness is perfect for a hair bun
  • Meets British and United States helmet safety standards
  • Ideal for riders with an oval head shape and has a shallower fit for a low-profile
  • Both navy and black colors are available

Why It’s Great for Dressage

The British know a thing or two about dressage and safety, so it’s no wonder that the Champion Evolution Puissance Helmet ranks so high.

It’s hand-made in Great Britain and meets the British and ASTM/SEI safety standards. Riders love the airflow system and crown comfort padding that is incorporated into this helmet. 

The oval head shape can be a limiting factor, but those with this type of head shape find the low profile from the shallow fit an added benefit of riding in a Champion.

The harness has four adjustment points, providing a snug and safe fit in this lightweight helmet.

7. Tipperary Devon MIPS Helmet


  • Stylish, breathable, and lightweight dressage helmet that’s trending among riders
  • The MIPS system provides added safety in the event of a rotational fall
  • Comes in a black matte or a black sparkle for a little extra pizazz
  • Has eight cooling vents for rider comfort 
  • The comfort liner is removable and washable

Why It’s Great for Dressage

The Tipperary Retention System and MIPS brain protection are known for their adherence to the highest safety standards.

The Tipperary Devon MIPS Helmet has both of those, plus the most comfortable interior helmet fit available on the market.

It’s hard to believe that a helmet with this many safety ratings can also be as lightweight as it is, but riders may even forget it’s on their head.

The traditional brim is elegant and provides some protection from the sun, making it useful in both schooling and show rings.

Riders love the added bling that the black sparkle color option has, and the eight cooling vents and removable and washable liner keep the helmet feeling fresh and clean.


How to wear hair with a dressage helmet?

All helmets, including dressage, should have a snug fit with firm pressure evenly distributed around your head.

Can you use a jumping helmet in dressage?

You can use a jumping helmet in dressage. However, when showing, most riders opt for the dressage style as it complements the other attire.

What are the dressage helmet requirements?

Dressage helmets must be ASTM/SEI certified for use in dressage and should also be within their expiration date period.

What material are dressage helmets made of?

Dressage helmets are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and other materials that offer protection upon impact.

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