7 Best Horse Schooling Helmets in 2023 (Safe & Stylish)

The best horse schooling helmets provide you peace of mind – both literally and figuratively – in a package that’s stylish and comfortable. 

Helmets should be durable to withstand the elements and continual use while maintaining their safety ratings. 

These safety ratings should be among the highest in the industry to ensure the peace of mind that you need.

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Best Horse Schooling Helmets

1. IRH IR4G XLT Premium Schooling Helmet


  • It’s comfortable for long hours in the saddle while schooling
  • Four sizes and adjustable straps mean that it fits all riders
  • Features a quick-release chin strap that is adjustable and easy to snap
  • Ventilation helps keep you cool during hot weather training rides
  • Stylish enough for the show ring as well

It’s possible to be comfortable, stylish, and safe with the IRH IR4G XLT Premium Schooling Helmet. This attractive helmet scored a 4.09 on the Virginia Tech Equestrian Helmet Safety Ratings and manages to incorporate moisture-wicking and air vets along with style. 

Riders may want a higher-ranked helmet safety-wise, but they will not find a better choice for fit and style. 

This schooling helmet was recently redesigned and is stylish enough to go from the schooling ring to the show ring if needed, minimizing the amount of equipment required. The liner is removable and machine washable to ensure a fresh ride too.

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

The IRH IR4G XLT Premium Schooling Helmet helps makes every ride a good one.

Riders consider it the top schooling horse helmet because it’s comfortable, allows for ventilation on hot days, and is stylish too.

One of the major arguments we hear about helmets is that riders don’t like the look, but IRH answered that question with this series of schooling helmets that incorporates safety and style. 

The three color options allow for some individualization, and it’s easy to clean after a day in the dusty arena, including the interior liners that can be machine-washed.

The cut away at the back of the neck means minimal discomfort or chafing too.

2. Resistol RideSafe Western Schooling Hat Helmet


  • It’s a classic cowboy hat with built-in safety
  • ASTM/SEI certified to ensure it meets the highest safety standards
  • The black hat is 7X fur, meaning its actually a cowboy hat
  • The brim is shapeable so that riders can create their own look
  • Comes in two sizes with an adjustable dial for a precise fit

Western riders can rest easy knowing that the Resistol RideSafe Western Schooling Hat Helmet offers them the same safety features that English riders have enjoyed for years, in a style that aligns with their discipline.

The helmet is ASTM/SEI certified, ensuring the industry-accepted quality standards that riders expect.

The black hat is 7X fur so it has the classic style of a cowboy hat with the helmet nestled neatly underneath.

The brim of the hat can be shaped as other cowboy hats are to personal preference and style.

A comfort dial in the back of the helmet helps ensure adequate fit while also keeping riders safe during horse training.

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

This is the best western schooling helmet because it incorporates the safety features riders need with the style that’s expected.

Black cowboy hats are ubiquitous in western riding disciplines, and the Resistol RideSafe Western Schooling Hat Helmet provides the best of both worlds, with the safety of a helmet and the style of a cowboy hat.

The helmet comes in two sizes with an adjustable dial for both a secure fit and comfort in the saddle.

Riders will find these features an added benefit on long days of schooling in the arena, whether for barrel racing, team penning, or something else.

3. One K MIPS CCS Safety Helmet


  • Comfortable safety harness doesn’t rub or cause chafing during long rides
  • Ventilation helps keep riders cool during warm weather schooling sessions
  • A sleek matte finish can transition to the show ring as well
  • Interchangeable parts with other One K helmets
  • Comes in a round or oval shape to fit all heads

Look no further for the style than the One K MIPS CCS Safety Helmet, riders will feel at the top of their game in the schooling ring in this classic design.

This helmet features the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) that helps protect riders during rotational falls. It’s a must-have for horse schooling in jumping and cross-country. 

Safety can still be stylish though, and the CCS is the Custom Color System that lets you choose the front shield color you prefer or matches your horse.

Finally, this helmet incorporates comfort and ventilation throughout, making it ideal for the schooling ring. With the sleek finish, you can head to the show ring too.

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

Riders that jump and school cross country prefer the One K MIPS CCS Safety Helmet because it provides the protection they need in the event of a rotational fall.

The MIPS system is specially designed for these types of scenarios and riders know that this certification supersedes other available features, making it the safest helmet for schooling.

This is the best schooling helmet with MIPS and comes recommended by professionals throughout the industry. 

The One K MIPS CCS Safety Helmet comes in round and long oval shapes so that it will fit any size head, and the adjustable harness also keeps riders snug and comfortable. 

4. Trauma Void Lynx School Helmet


  • It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large
  • Features the MIPS system for added protection during rotational falls
  • The removable liner can be washed to keep the helmet fresh
  • The soft screen in it helps reduce injuries
  • The dial fit in the back provides a snug and customized fit

When it’s time for a helmet for schooling exercises, especially those over fences, look no further than the Trauma Void Lynx School Helmet. This helmet also features the MIPS system to protect riders from rotational fall injuries while jumping and has a high rating from the Virginia Tech Equestrian Helmet Safety study. It’s preferred by those who jump and ride cross country.

Although it’s only available in black, the added ventilation throughout will help keep riders cool during training rides. Coolmax technology is used in the lining to ensure the ventilation and other features truly help keep a rider cool by wicking away moisture. 

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

Although comfort should not be the first consideration when purchasing a schooling helmet, it’s still important, because if a helmet isn’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear it. Fortunately, the Trauma Void Lynx School Helmet has comfort covered, using innovative design to help riders and keep them safe.

This helmet is only for those with round heads, but there are three sizes available, small, medium, and large, and the dial fit in the back helps further customize and get an exact fit. Many consider this the best horse school helmet and exclusively ride in the Trauma Void Lynx School Helmet.

5. Ovation M Class MIPS Training Helmet


  • Comes in six different size options so it’s sure to fit any rider
  • A complete ventilation system helps keep riders cool during their ride
  • It has the must-have MIPS system that jumping riders need
  • The outer shell is made of advanced ABS composite
  • Both black and navy colors are available

The Ovation M Class MIPS Training Helmet is truly one of a kind and has become the preferred training helmet of riders at the highest levels of the sport. The MIPS system is a must-have for jumping riders, and this helmet incorporates other features that help riders stay safe and cool while schooling. It’s designed to be worn all day, as riders move from horse to horse, or just have a long ride on one horse. 

Ovation helmets come with some of the most innovative technology on the market too, and that means that comfort and style are augmented in this helmet. Each feature is designed for not only safety, but rider comfort as well. 

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

The MIPS technology has been independently verified to work in redirecting force and energy from the brain and into the helmet, and that’s why so many helmet companies, including Ovation, incorporate it into their helmets. The Ovation M Class MIPS Training Helmet is one of these, and it incorporates ventilation and comfort features at the same time.

This is the best horse training helmet for those who spend long hours in the saddle, are jumping, want to be comfortable, or need a helmet that’s easily cleaned and is concerned with safety. Of course, style is not lost amongst all these other features either, and you can still look good.

6. Troxel Low Profile Sierra Western Helmet


  • The headliner is removable and washable, with airflow technology
  • Four helmet sizes mean that any rider can find the right fit
  • It’s built to withstand the rigors of a trail ride and not get damaged
  • Features maximum comfort for all-day riding
  • There are four different colors available, including the popular denim

Julie Goodnight is a well-known name throughout the equestrian world for her natural horsemanship, and western, and trail riding expertise. 

She also rides in a Troxel Low Profile Sierra Western Helmet, and that’s all the incentive we needed to try one of these. This helmet has the look of an English helmet but was designed for western riders. It also comes with all the safety and comfort that Troxel is known for. 

This helmet also comes in larger sizes than most, meaning it’s one of the few options available to any rider, The large and extra-large helmets are guaranteed to fit.

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

Schooling doesn’t always happen in a ring, and that’s why we love the Troxel Low Profile Sierra Western Helmet. Sure, you can ride in the ring in this helmet, but your schooling sessions can also take place out on the trail, and while you’re ducking under tree branches or riding through sage brush, you won’t have to worry about any scratches or dents because of the features that keep this helmet looking good even after many miles on the trail.

Of course, preventing scratches is just one of many features. The Troxel Low Profile Sierra is also comfortable, with plenty of ventilation, and high safety ratings.

7. IRH Equi-Pro Schooling Helmet


  • The matte finish is easy to clean off after a schooling ride
  • Customize the fit with the dial to ensure maximum safety
  • Six color options – blue, green, grey, purple, black, and brown
  • IRH helmets are known for their high safety ratings
  • The lining is cooling, moisture-wicking, and can be removed and washed

IRH is a popular equestrian helmet company for good reason – riders love their products and are comfortable in them. They are also fun, with distinct colors and other features that bring out a rider’s personality, while also keeping them safe. Kids in particular are excited to have a purple, blue, or green helmet for schooling, instead of the more traditional black of many helmets.

The IRH Equi-Pro Schooling Helmet ensures a precise fit with the dial-fit system, and also a comfortable ride with ventilation and a simple harness. This helmet can be used in a variety of English disciplines and is also popular with western riders.

Why It’s Great for Schooling 

The best budget schooling helmet is the IRH Equi-Pro. Let’s face it, schooling horses can be tough. It’s multiple days per week, in the hot sunshine, dusty arenas, rain, and every other type of weather imaginable.

The helmet can take a bit of a beating, and you want one that you’ll strap on and head to the schooling ring even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

The IRH Equi-Pro is great because it has safety, style, and comfort in a budget-friendly package. It also comes in a variety of sizes and can be further customized with the dial-fit, so practically any person can use this helmet.

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