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Equine-Reproduction.com -- The most comprehensive web site I have found for horse breeders.  Lots of articles about both basic and advanced equine reproduction topics; a wide variety of "links" to more information about horse breeding, artificial insemination (A.I.); information about, and the use, of frozen semen; stallion handling articles,   "phantom mare" training, and other semen collection methods; the collecting and processing of cooled transported semen;  equipment and supplies needed for semen collection and processing;  managing mares for breeding (including hormonal manipulation and the use of other drugs such as Oxytocin); and some articles relative to foals and foaling.

Equine Theriogeneology -- by Dr. A. B. Caudle.  University of Georgia,   College of Veterinary Medicine. This is a wonderful presentation with many photos, divided into 8 chapters which cover physiology of the estrus cycle,  manipulation of the estrous cycle,  pregnancy examinations,  ultrasound,  breeding soundness examinations,  treatment of uterine disease,  and abortion.  It concludes with an elaborate glossary. You will want to print this for future reference!

Horse Color -- a new site bringing together, in a meaningful, coherent way, results of the most current equine color research, to discover what horse colors are and how they are inherited.

Stallion Care and Breeeding -- from The HORSE Interactive Knowledge Bank.

The EQUITAINER Tutorial -- All about equipment, using extenders, processing and packing and quality control for users of shipped semen. Excellent!

EXODUS BREEDERS SUPPLY Quick Download Files -- an ongoing series of articles fro breeders, such as general foaling information, embryo transfer, correction of foal leg deformities, sperm counting equipment, transorted semen agreements, and a 340 day gestational calendar.

Mare Breeding & Gestation Chart .. compliments of HorsesOnly.com

Do-It-Yourself Milk Test to Predict the Foaling Event

Online Foaling Date Calculator .. compliments of Country Life Farm

Cyberfoal 2000 -- What a wonderful service for orphan foals on the web! Anyone faced with such an emergency will benefit from this international resource to help breeders locate nurse mares having lost foals and orphans in need of nurse mares and/or colostrum! You may want to bookmark this site for quick recall.

DNA-based Test for Horse Red Factor Color Gene -- University of California Davis.

DNA Test to Identify Carriers of the Overo Lethal White Gene -- University of California Davis.

Stalking the Lethal White Syndrome -- University of Minnesota researchers track down the gene responsible for Overo Lethal White Foals.


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