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David Manser 

David Manser is a Thoroughbred pedigree and breeding enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia who became interested in racehorses at the age of 13. When his brother got a job as a Bookmakers Clerk they shared their enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport. His brother's account of the American equine marvel with the 75 foot stride, Secretariat,  indelibly captured his imagination.

Over the next twenty-five years Manser's interest in pedigree research developed into an inexhaustible passion. He was fascinated by the intuitive logic of the theory of Marianna Haun on the large heart gene passed on from Eclipse via Pocahontas. This breakthrough provided the catalyst for his major unpublished achievement to date, a painstaking tabulation of the descendants of Pocahontas through to the modern day, strictly along potential X-chromosome lines of descent in line with the X-factor theory.

The work, done over a two year period, involved over 3500 hours of research. In particular lines of descent, he observed the transmission of genetic strengths and weaknesses such as conformation,  temperament,  infertility, early mortality, Classic ability, etc., passing consistently from generation to generation.  Manser's research indicates this genetic material is often most effectively passed from a mare's son to daughter to son in a pattern similar to sex-linkage. Inheritance patterns emerging from this comprehensive work afford another point of view which could prove invaluable in man's endless quest to breed a Champion.

Editor's note:
The Isinglass article is the first published article by Manser. He is a member of the Pedigree Post author group, where this and future articles will also be submitted. If you wish to contact David, his e-mail address is 

Manser Articles:    Isinglass

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