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Triple Cutter Bill

Triple Cutter Bill in 2006

Triple Cutter Bill moves to Texas and his historic roots!


He has been leased from Larry by the Burgess-Herring Ranch of Stinnett, Texas. The Herring Ranch was founded by C. T. Herring.

It was Herring that turned Golden Chief over to R. L. Underwood. Golden Chief was the foundation sire for Underwood's Copperbottom breeding program. Thus the Herring Ranch is the original home of Golden Chief.

Triple will be used by C. C. Burgess, Burgess-Herring Ranch owner and Jim Scudday, Burgess-Herring Ranch manager to reintroduce the Golden Chief blood back into their breeding program.

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Larry Thornton -

Welcome to Thornton Quarter Horses, "The Working Lines" and the pursuit of breeding superior horses ... with author, pedigree consultant and Quarter Horse breeder, Larry Thornton

Larry started with a serious interest in bloodlines in the mid 1960's,  and a dream to become a Quarter Horse breeder. His intense interest in pedigrees and how to utilize this information lead to a long career as a prolific writer and student of Quarter Horse breeding.

FLASH! Larry's next book, "Bloodlines N Pedigrees" will be published soon.  Watch for more information here.

It all started when Thornton wrote his first article for SPEEDHORSE in 1984. After that article, Larry became a regular contributor to SPEEDHORSE, writing a monthly column and other features. His interest in performance horses led him to write a series of articles for the National Cutting Horse Associationís CHATTER magazine on famous cutting horse bloodlines. This evolved into  the the popular monthly feature titled "The Working Lines" that has been published in SOUTHERN HORSEMAN since August of 1989. It  presents information and histories of top performance horses in the industry, both past and present, eagerly used by readers as learning and research tools for the performance horse industry.

"The Working Lines" and other pedigree articles written by Thornton are currently published in several magazines around the country. These publications in addition to SOUTHERN HORSEMAN, include THE WORKING HORSE, FOUNDATION QUARTER HORSE, THE PACIFIC COAST QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL and PERFORMANCE HORSE.

The success of "The Working Lines" column lead to the publication of "THE WORKING LINES" and "THE WORKING LINES VOLUME II" books. These books are a compilation of some of the "Working Lines" columns. In book form, "The Working Lines" serves as a quick and handy reference for horsemen researching pedigrees.

Larry Thornton has been a contributor and/or consultant to several other outstanding equine books. They include "LEGENDS III" (Quo Vadis) and "LEGENDS IV" (Ed Echols), as well as "DOC BAR" and "LITTLE PEPPY and the KING RANCH."

"I credit any success I have as a pedigree researcher and consultant to the people I have interviewed," states Larry about his career in the pedigree world. "B. F. Phillips, Jr. was the first great horseman and breeder to give me an interview, and his input made my first article a success. By following with what B. F. Phillips started, I have been able to visit with many great horseman in our industry, giving me the opportunity to learn about some  famous breeding programs, their great horses and their breeding philosophies. A primary goal of Thornton Quarter Horses is to provide Consulting Services and pass that information on to others in hopes that we can all breed better horses."

Speaking of breeding a better horse, Thornton is currently developing a breeding program around his stallion Triple Cutter Bill and a select band of mares that form the base of his breeding program. This band of mares includes two granddaughters of Continental King, a granddaughter of Cutter Bill, a linebred Leo San mare and a granddaughter of Docís Hickory.

"One of the great breeders of the early years of the AQHA was R. L. Underwood," explains Larry about his current breeding plans. "Underwood took advantage of many of the top bloodlines of the era, but the base of his breeding program dealt with the Copperbottom bred stallion, Golden Chief. Copperbottom was the foundation sire of the second oldest family of modern Quarter Horses. The Copperbottomís were noted cow horses of early Texas. The greatest contributor to the modern branch of the Copperbottom horses is the AQHA Hall of Fame stallion Cutter Bill. Our new young stallion is Triple Cutter Bill. This colt carries three crosses to Cutter Bill and is our link to this great bloodline and our efforts to perpetuate this line of horses. It is important for us as breeders to continue the bloodlines that make up our breed, and the Underwood breeding program was one of the best."

Thornton has another interesting aspect to his life. Having graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science, he later finished the requirements to become an Agricultural Education Instructor. He is currently the Horticulture Instructor at the Area Vo-Tech Center in Russellville, Arkansas.

Despite the involvement with horses, the Thornton Family is the true highlight in his life. Larry and Judy have been married for 35 years and they reside in London, Arkansas. They have two children, Nancy and David. Nancy is married to Roger Snook and they have five children ... Kristen Leanne, Christopher, Michael, Kristen Brianna and Matthew. The Snook family lives near Capot, Arkansas. David is married to Aja Rose and reside in Elma Washington.

Larry Thorntonís dream of being a Quarter Horse breeder got started with Quarter Horse pedigrees and the history that goes with them. That dream has grown to become a reality through "The Working Lines" and the development of Thornton Quarter Horses. So, welcome to Thornton Quarter Horses,  "The Working Lines" and the pursuit of breeding good horses.

28322 Highway 64 West, London AR 72847     Phone: 479-885-3144

28322 Highway 64 West, London AR 72847    
Phone: 479-885-3144

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