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Triple Cutter Bill

Triple Cutter Bill in 2006

Triple Cutter Bill moves to Texas and his historic roots!


He has been leased from Larry by the Burgess-Herring Ranch of Stinnett, Texas. The Herring Ranch was founded by C. T. Herring.

It was Herring that turned Golden Chief over to R. L. Underwood. Golden Chief was the foundation sire for Underwood's Copperbottom breeding program. Thus the Herring Ranch is the original home of Golden Chief.

Triple will be used by C. C. Burgess, Burgess-Herring Ranch owner and Jim Scudday, Burgess-Herring Ranch manager to reintroduce the Golden Chief blood back into their breeding program.

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REY JAY - part 2

by Larry Thornton

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Continued from part 1~

Calandria K was the dam of Rey Jay. This mare was sired by Tino, a son of Old Sorrel. Tino was out of Brisa by the thoroughbred stallion San Vincente. Bob Denhardt in his book THE KING RANCH QUARTER HORSE, reported that Brisa was the favorite mount of Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. Denhardt called Kleberg "the driving force" behind the development of the King Ranch Quarter Horse. He was also instrumental in the development of the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle and the King Ranch Thoroughbred breeding program that bred such noted runners as Assault. Assault was a Triple Crown Winner, winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

The dam of Calandria K was the mare Tordia de Garcia. This mare was sired by the Norias Gray Horse and she was out of a Norias Mare. The breeding of the Norias Gray Horse and the Norais Gray Mare is unknown. The use of Brisa by Kleberg speaks highly of this mare's abilities as a cow horse on the King Ranch.

Rey Jay sired only 126 registered foals. He sired only 43 performers with twelve ROM and one AQHA Champion. Several sons of Rey Jay have followed in the sires' footsteps as show horses. Valentine Rey is a 1973 stallion that has 16 AQHA cutting points and he was a finalist in the 1977 AQHA World Show Junior Cutting.

The late Ollie Rey earned four AQHA performance points before his death. He is the sire of Ollie Tom a Non-Pro Futurity Champion in the Tropicana Cutting Stakes. He has earnings of over $300,000 in cutting competition. Ollie Tom is a double bred Rey Del Rancho horse. His dam is Rancho Del and she is out of Riata Del Rancho by Rey Del Rancho. This makes Ollie Tom 3 x 3 linebred Rey Del Rancho.

Many of the sons of Rey Jay were gelded. This list of show horses is headed by Rey Jay's Pete, Rey Jay Jr and Country Classic. Rey Jay's Pete was the 1966 NCHA Futurity Champion. He was out of an unregistered Thoroughbred mare and thus he was not registered in the AQHA. He was owned in 1966 by Kenneth Peters and trained and shown to his NCHA Futurity title by Buster Welch.

Rey Jay's Pete was sold to S. J. Agnew and shown in the NCHA Non-Pro ranks. They were tenth in the NCHA Non-Pro Top Ten in 1969. Buster Welch showed Rey Jay's Pete to the NCHA Open Top Ten in 1967. Rey Jay's Pete earned the NCHA Silver Award.

Rey Jay Jr was a 1962 gelding that was out if Miss Insolo. Rey Jay Jr was a Superior Western Pleasure Horse with 168 AQHA performance points. His full brother was Rey Jay's Flash, a two time American Junior Quarter Horse Association World Show finalist in cutting.

Country Classic was a super show horse that earned open points in cutting, reining, working cow horse, hunter under saddle and youth points in barrel racing, team roping, (heading and heeling), breakaway roping, western pleasure, stake racing and western horsemanship, He was a Youth Supreme Champion and an AQHA Champion as well as a multiple youth and open World Show qualifier. He earned 1,447 youth and open points in halter and performance.

Country Classic is a gelding full brother to the great producing mare Christy Jay. Both of these great horses were out of Christy Carol. Christy Carol was sired by Leo Bob by Leo. Leo Bob was out of 89'er, a daughter of King P-234. The dam of Christy Carol was Mike's Dilly by Mike Troutman.

Christy Jay introduces us to some of the successful daughters of Rey Jay. Christy Jay was the dam of such noted horses as Colonel Freckles, the 1976 NCHA Futurity Champion. Colonel Freckles was sired by Jewel's Leo Bar or Freckles as he is known in the cutting industry. Freckles was sired by Sugar Bars and out of Leo Pan by Leo. This would make the Freckles/Christy Jay foals double bred to the great Leo.

Colonel Freckles has proven to be a leading sire. His foals include Colonel Lil, the 1981 NCHA Futurity Champion and Cols Lil Pepper, the 1988 NCHA Futurity Reserve Champion. Actually Cols Lil Pepper was the first horse since Doc O'Lena in 1970 to be the high scoring horse in all four go-rounds in the NCHA Futurity. The only difference in the 1988 and 1970 NCHA Futurity is that Smart Little Senor tied Cols Lil Pepper in the finals. Cols Lil Pepper lost a calf in the work off to become the Futurity Reserve Champion.

Colonel Freckles has proven to be a force in the reining industry as well. He was the 1997 NRHA Leading Maternal Grandsire of money winners. His daughters produced such noted reiners as Im So Tari, winner of $73,752 and Freckles Top Prize, winner of $18,374.

He's A Freckles was a gelding full brother to Colonel Freckles. He was an NCHA Futurity Finalist with earnings of over $19,000. Freckles Delite is a full sister to Colonel Freckles. This mare earned only $1,406 in cutting but is a proven producer. He foals include Colonel Oak with earnings of $108,825 as the Champion Gelding in the NCHA Futurity; Touch Of Tari, with earnings of $67,923 with a Championship in the Gold and Silver 4-Year-Old Non-Pro and Delite N Lena, winner of $59,112 as a Gold Coast 3-Year-Old Futurity Champion.

When bred to DocO'Lena, Christy Jay is the dam of such noted horses as Christy Olena, winner of over $60,000; Dox Molly O Grady, winner of over $100,436 and Colonel Rey Lena, NRHA winner of over $27,000 as the NRHA Reserve World Champion in the Limited Open.

Marion Flynt traveled to the B. F. Phillips Jr. dispersal of his performance horses in 1966 to buy one horse. Her name was Gay Jay. This great mare set in motion the formation of a cutting horse family that has had great impact on the modern cutting horse. When Flynt bred this mare to Jewel's Leo Bar (Freckles), he got the great horses Jay Freckles, Freckles Playboy and Freckles Hustler.

The first foal from this cross was Jay Freckles, who would start his career with a third place in the 1973 NCHA Futurity. He would be the Reserve Champion of the 1974 NCHA Derby and the 1976 NCHA Reserve World Champion Open Cutting Horse. Jay Freckles died before his value as a sire was fully appreciated.

The Marion Flynt breeding program not only gave the world the 1976 NCHA Futurity Champion in Colonel Freckles, but its Co-Reserve Champion as well. The runner-up for this Futurity was Freckles Playboy, who tied for this title with the great cutting mare Doc's Becky. Freckles Playboy went on the next year to be the AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse and a third place finisher in the NCHA Derby. He has the NCHA Silver Award to his credit.

Freckles Playboy is one of the all time leading sires. His foals include Playboys Madera, winner of $584,816; Playboys Kid, winner of $436,807; Playboys Jay Bee, winner of $329,167 and Dry N Freckled, winner of $287,678.

Freckles Playboy is also proving to be a great broodmare sire. His daughters have produced such noted horses as Playboy Mcrae, NCHA Futurity Champion; Smart Little Jerry, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity Reserve Champion; Charoakter Eyes, NCHA Open Super Stakes Classic Champion and Aglows First Rio, NCHA Super Stakes Champion.

Freckles Hustler was the 1981 Atlantic Coast Cutting Futurity Champion. He was also an NCHA Futurity high point stallion as the third place finisher in 1980.

Gay Jay was bred to several other stallions. She was mated with Doc O'Lena to produce Lenas Success. This horse was an NCHA Futurity Finalist that earned $76,314 in a short career as a cutting horse.

Ima Son O Sugar was out of Gay Jay and sired by Son O Sugar. Son O Sugar was a full brother to Jewel's Leo Bar (Freckles). Ima Son O Sugar was the winner of the 1986 Southeastern Open Futurity and a finalist in the Atlantic Coast Cutting Futurity. He was the winner of over $11,000.

Gay's Sugar Doll is sired by Mr Sugar Boy. This 1971 mare is the dam of Freckles Sug by Jewel's Leo Bar (Freckles). Freckles Sug in an NCHA Bronze and Silver Award winner.

Gay Jay's dam was Georgia Cody by Sorghum Bill by Bill Cody. Bill Cody was sired by Wimpy P-1. Bill Cody's dam was a daughter of Old Sorrel. This makes Gay Jay 5 x 5 x 4 x 6 x 5 linebred to Old Sorrel. The influence of Solis is seen in this cross through Bill Cody by Wimpy P-1 by Solis and Rey Del Rancho by Ranchero by Solis.

Miss Cocoa Jay in an NCHA Certificate of Ability winner and the third leading money winning daugher of Rey Jay. She has NCHA earnings of over $6,800. She is the dam of the NCHA money winners Freckles Flynt and Freckles Freddie. Freckles Flynt was a finalist in the NCHA Futurity and the Oklahoma Futurity. Both sired by Jewel's Leo Bar (Freckles).

Christy Jay and Miss Cocoa Jay demonstrate Rey Jay's ability to cross with mares of Leo breeding. Christy Jay's dam was Christy Carol by Leo Bob by Leo. Miss Cocoa Jay was out of Croak by Croton Oil. Croton Oil was sired by Leo.

The Freckles cross on Rey Jay mares appears to be the combination of two different cutting styles. Welch described it this way, "...I think Rey Jay had that iron will and that try, boy he was the tryingest horse you ever saw...Freckles was a real smart horse, a pretty moving horse that moved with a lot of balance...Rey Jay was a little more of a rugged kind of horse and the two of them clicked. They were probably two of the better cow horses of the day. That's the reason they crossed so good."

The blood of Rey Jay surfaces without Freckles in the 1985 NCHA Super Stakes, but takes us back to the influence of Solis. Dox Rey Oak, by Doc's Oak by Doc Bar, split 9-10-11 in the finals. Dox Rey Oak is out of La Cima Del Rey. La Cima Del Rey is sired by Rey Jay and out of King Wimp D'Ann. King Wimp D'Ann is by King Wimp by King. King Wimp is out of Wimpess by Wimpy P-1. Wimp D'Ann is out of Wimpy Hazel Hill by Showdown Hill by Wimpy P-1. In turn Showdown is out of Cacuchia by Peppy P-212. The dam of Cacuchia was Cuate I by Solis. Wimpy Hazel Hill is out of Button's Sewell by Rip Tyde by King George. King George is by Little Richard and out of Cardenal's Daughter by Cardenal. This makes King George a full brother to Peppy P-212. This makes King Wimp D'Ann a definite King Ranch bred mare that has four crosses to Solis.

Doc O'Lena has proven to be a very good cross on Rey Jay mares. We saw some of that with Lenas Success. But here are some more good cutters from this cross. They include Si Olena, who was out of Reisa Rey by Rey Jay. Si Olena was the Reserve Champion of the 1990 Super Stakes. Si Olena is still going strong as he is the 1998 AQHA World Champion Senior Cutting Horse and the 1998 AQHA High Point Cutting horse. Reisa Rey is a full sister to Miss Cocoa Jay.

Tamulena was the 1987 AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse. He is sired by Doc O'Lena and out of Tamu Holly Rey by Rey Jay.

Alice's Rey Jay is the winner of over $24,000 in NCHA cutting. She was a 1977 NCHA Non-Pro Ten Finisher. She was the dam of the Doc O'Lena foals Dox Abilena, winner of over $123,000; Dox Lena Rey, winner of over $103,000 and Dox Alex, winner of $16,000.

Stork Club is an unshown daughter of Rey Jay. She is the dam of Storks Gin by Tanquery Gin by Doc O'Lena. Storks Gin is the winner of over $60,000. Stork Club and Tamu Holly Rey are mares bred to Rey Jay that carried the blood of Hollywood Gold on their dam's side of the pedigree.

Jay Moss is a 1966 daughter of Rey Jay that has become the foundation of her own family of good cutters. She is out of Mos Tony Top by Moss' Cotton Top Joe Jr by Cotton Top Joe. Jay Moss is the dam of horses like Rey Lynx, winner of $565,144; Rey Lena Girl, winner on $21,715; Smartolena, winner of $115,140 and Nurse Rey, winner of $84,500.

In turn the Jay Moss daughters are doing their part to continue the influence of Rey Jay. Nurse Rey is the dam of Dual Rey, Memphis Cutting Futurity Champion; Highbrowns Nurse, Champion of Gold Coast Derby; Loverboys Nurse, 1994 Wyoming Derby Champion; Miss Bag of Hope, 1997 Pacific Coast Futurity Champion; Call A Nurse, 1996 Reserve Champion of the El Cid Open Futurity and Baby Socks Nurse, 1997 Chevy Truck Nationals $20,000 NP Champion.

Rey Jay Janie is another daughter of Jay Moss that is producing some top cutters. They include Hic Hic Hoo Rey, 1990 Northwest CHA Three-Year-Old Futurity Open Champion; Smart Jay Lena, 1993 Abilene Western Three-Year-Old Open Champion; Rey Jay Smart, 1997 NCHA Futurity Finalist and Janie Jr Too, 1997 Augusta Four-Year-Old Non-Pro Finalist.

Rey Jay was a determined athlete that overcame a handicap to succeed in the cutting arena. This determination brought Rey Jay to the attention of the cutting horse world. The blood of the one eyed Rey Jay became a highly prized possession in the modern cutting horse. A prize the breeder will seek for many generations to come. ~ End

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