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Dixie Beach's Last Foal

Triple Cutter Bill

Triple Cutter Bill in 2006

Triple Cutter Bill moves to Texas and his historic roots!


He has been leased from Larry by the Burgess-Herring Ranch of Stinnett, Texas. The Herring Ranch was founded by C. T. Herring.

It was Herring that turned Golden Chief over to R. L. Underwood. Golden Chief was the foundation sire for Underwood's Copperbottom breeding program. Thus the Herring Ranch is the original home of Golden Chief.

Triple will be used by C. C. Burgess, Burgess-Herring Ranch owner and Jim Scudday, Burgess-Herring Ranch manager to reintroduce the Golden Chief blood back into their breeding program.

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Part 2
The Story of Harlan, Dixie Beach's Last Foal

by Larry Thornton

(c) Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Reprint permission must be in writing.

Continued from Part 1 ~

The old adage, "Great Sires Have Great Mothers" comes into focus when we look at a great sire like Hank H through his dam, Queen H. But Harlan has his own tie to this saying through his dam, the blue hen mare Dixie Beach. Dixie Beach was foaled in 1930. She was sired by Beetch’s Yellow Jacket and out of Mayflower by Nail Driver. She was bred by Mike Beetch and his son Harlan of Lawton, Oklahoma. It was Harlan Beetch that related the following about how Dixie Beach came to be bred by the Beetch’s. Harlan Beetch told his story to Franklin Reynolds in the article "Mayflower, Grandam of Bert and Matriarch of the Breed, Parts I and II" that appeared in the November 1957 issue of THE QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL. It all started when the Beetch’s saw Dixie Beach’s dam Mayflower race at Altus, Oklahoma.

"There were a dozen or more horses in that race, and when the barrier went up Mayflower was left at the post. Bobby Tiner was the jockey and I’ve never seen a mare run like she did. She soon caught the field and then came right on through it and right into the lead. Where there wasn’t an opening she made one, and she won easily. The race was an eighth of a mile and as they finished my father turned to me and asked if I had seen what he saw. I nodded and then he told me we had to have that mare."

The Beetch’s bought Mayflower for $500.00. They continued her race career for six more years. Her race career ended with an injury. She went on to produce five foals, three colts and two fillies. All five foals were sired by Beetch’s Yellow Jacket. The fillies were Dixie Beach and Lady Coolidge.

The pedigree of Mayflower is very limited. She was sired by a horse known as Nail Driver. The pedigree of this horse was unknown. The pedigree of Snip, her dam, was unknown, but it was reported by Reynolds in his "Mayflower"story that she was of "Steel Dust blood." She was owned by Billy Fowler, a rancher between Marlow and Lindsay, Oklahoma. Nail Driver was owned by John Millwee of Marlow, Oklahoma.

The circumstances of how the Beetch’s obtained the stallion that became known as Beetch’s Yellow Jacket is very similar to how they got Mayflower. They went to a race meet at Lawton, Oklahoma and saw a colt run "green." But they liked what they saw and bought the colt. He went on to reportedly win 24 of 25 races.

Beetch’s Yellow Jacket was bred on the famed Waggoner Ranch of Vernon, Texas. The official pedigree of Beetch’s Yellow Jacket shows that he was sired by Yellow Wolf. Yellow Wolf was sired by Old Joe Bailey or Weatherford Joe Bailey. Old Joe Bailey was sired by Eureka by Shelby. His dam was Susie McWhirter by (Old) Ben Burton. The dam of Yellow Wolf was Old Mary by (Old) Ben Burton. This would make Yellow Wolf 3 X 2 inbred to (Old) Ben Burton. The dam of Old Mary was Mandy by Old Dutchman. Old Dutchman was sired by Lock’s Rondo.

The dam of Beetch’s Yellow Jacket was a mare sired by Yellow Jacket. This is the Yellow Jacket in the pedigree of King P-234. Yellow Jacket was the sire of Strait Horse, sire of the dam of King P-234. This gives Harlan a 5 X 4 breeding pattern to Yellow Jacket. It also give him seven crosses to Lock’s Rondo through Hank H and Dixie Beach.

Dixie Beach was the dam of 14 registered foals and many of them have had an impact on the quarter horse as a breed. Her first foal listed on her AQHA Internet Record for Produce of Dam was Trigg by Tom Benear. Trigg was registered in the National Quarter Horse Breeders Association. The NQHBA Stud Book tells us that he was a bay gelding. He was foaled in 1943 and bred by a Dan Trigg of Amarillo, Texas. The AQHA Internet Record on this horse has no birth date.

The first Dixie Beach foal registered was Tom Benear. He was foaled in 1936. This makes Trigg the product of Dixie Beach being bred back to her son Tom Benear. Tom Benear was bred by Bert Benear and owned for many years by Guy M. Troutman of Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Tom Benear was sired by Tommy Clegg. Tommy Clegg would play a major role in the life of Dixie Beach and her sister Lady Coolidge. He was bred by George A. Clegg, the famous South Texas breeder whose name is associated with such outstanding individuals as Little Joe, Hickory Bill and Sam Watkins. Clegg was the breeder of Old Sorrel, foundation sire of the King Ranch line of Quarter Horse. Sam Watkins was bred by Samuel Watkins of Petersburg, Illinois. Watkins was the breeder of Peter McCue, the sire of Hickory Bill. George Clegg bought Sam Watkins and eventually used him as a replacement for Hickory Bill.

The next Dixie Beach foal registered in the AQHA was Little Jodie. This 1938 bay stallion was sired by Little Joe Springer, a foundation sire of the C. S. Ranch in New Mexico. Little Joe Springer was sired by Old Joe by Harmon Baker by Peter McCue. The dam of Old Joe was a Jim Ned Mare by Jim Ned. Jim Ned was sired by Pancho. Pancho was sired by Old Billy and out of the famous mare Paisiana. The dam of Little Joe Springer was the Old English Mare by Ute Chief (TB) and she was out of a Brown Mare by Uhlan II.

If Dixie Beach would have been the dam of only Little Jodie, her place in Quarter Horse history would have been set. This great stallion sired Jodie The Tuff. The sire record of Jodie The Tuff includes the AQHA Champions Tuff’s Baldy and Tuff’s Becky. The greatest contribution of Jodie The Tuff could very well be the mare Sutherland’s Miss. Sutherland’s Miss was the dam of the great sires Bueno Chex and Fritz Command, both AQHA Champions and successful sires by King Fritz. Sutherland’s Miss was out of Tangerine W by Bert P-227. Bert P-227 was sired by Tommy Clegg and out of Lady Coolidge, the full sister to Dixie Beach.

Next on our list of horses sired by Little Jodie is Muskogee Red. Muskogee Red was out of Trixie Blake by Bert P-227. Muskogee Red was the sire of Marler’s Blue. Marler’s Blue is the dam of the ROM performer Unikia. This good cutter was shown four times in AQHA cutting classes winning two of them. Unikia is an NCHA money winner in cutting as well. Unikia was sired by Roman Nose by Bert. Marler’s Blue was out of Cricket W, who was out of Lou by Bert P-227. This makes Unikia a cross of Dixie Beach and Lady Coolidge.

Pudden Head is the next Little Jodie foal we’ll talk about. This stallion was the sire of Sapp Head, who was the broodmare sire of Bob Acre Doc. Bob Acre Doc was a two time NCHA World Champion Cutting Horse, once in the open and once in the Non-Pro. Bob Acre Doc is a proven sire with foals like Bobs Smokin Joe, NCHA Futurity Champion. The latest champion sired by Bob Acre Doc is Abrakadabracre. This horse was the 2002 AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse.

Red Star Joe was another prominent son of Little Jodie. This stallion was the sire of Ready Money W; Tiny Brown and Monsieur Joe to name a few. Ready Money W was the sire of Miss Carver and Ready Monika. Miss Carver was the dam of Ready Monika. This makes Ready Monika 1 X 2 inbred to Ready Money W. Ready Monika was the dam of Monika, one of the first great reining horses shown by Bob Loomis. Monika was sired by Okie Leo. Ready Money W was out of Money by Bert P-227. This gives us another cross of Dixie Beach and Lady Coolidge.

Tiny Brown was the dam of Sonny Champ, an AQHA Champion sired by Poco Champ. Monsieur Joe was the second horse to be named the AQHA High Point Halter Horse. He earned his title in 1953. We have to add at this point that the sire of the dam’s of Tiny Brown and Monsieur Joe was Bert. P-227 giving us two more examples of a mixture of Dixie Beach and her sister Lady Coolidge.

The last Little Jodie foal we will talk about at this point is V’s Mocha Jo. This mare is the dam of Dark’s Leo by Leo San. Dark’s Leo is the sire of Paul’s Fancy. The dam of Paul’s Fancy is My Gay Fancy by Dark’s Leo. This makes Paul’s Fancy 1 X 2 inbred to Dark’s Leo. Paul’s Fancy is the second dam of Bowman’s Fancy. This mare is the winner of the Reserve Championship of the NCHA Open Super Stakes. She has earned $287,243. Bowman’s Fancy is the dam of several noted cutters including the up and coming sire Dualin Jewels, an NCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.

The next foal out of Dixie Beach was San Siemon’s Dixie, a 1939 bay mare by San Siemon. This mare is the dam of Dixie Siemon by Star Deck. Dixie Siemon is the dam of Silver Siemon by Silver King. Silver Siemon was the dam of Cutter’s Dixie by Cutter Bill. Cutter’s Dixie is the dam of Uno Dixie by Jose Uno. Uno Dixie is the dam of Brinks Hickory Joe. This Doc’s Hickory stallion is the winner of $105,859 in NCHA Cuttings. He is the sire of Spirit Of Five, an NRHA Reining Futurity Champion and All American Quarter Horse Congress Futurity Reining Champion. Uno Dixie is the dam of First Little Lena and Fives Hermana. First Little Lena earned $62,431 in the arena. She was the Reserve Champion of Tropicana 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion. Fives Hermana was the Sunbelt Non-Pro Futurity Co-Reserve Champion. She is the dam of Dixie Dual, AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse and Smart April, Abilene Western 4-Year-Old Open Reserve Champion.

The 1940 foal of Dixie Beach was Bailarina. This mare was sired by Tommy Clegg. She was the dam of several ROM arena horses and race horses. Her top performer was Short Spark by Shortcut. This palomino stallion was an AQHA Champion with a Superior in Reining. He was the 1960 AQHA Honor Roll Reining Horse and the 1959 AQHA Honor Roll Western Riding Stallion.

Dixie Ann B was a 1942 dun mare. She was sired by Tommy Clegg and out of Dixie Beach. This mare was the dam of four performers with one ROM and one NCHA Money winner. The ROM was Poco Glenn by Poco Jacket. The NCHA money winner was Mora San by San Siemon.

The next foal for Dixie Beach was Little Dixie Beach. This 1943 brown mare was the dam of a number of performers including Paul A. This stallion, sired by Star Deck, was one of the first AQHA Champions. He was a noted sire with AQHA Champions like Star Spangled, Paularine and Paulalika. The dam record of Little Dixie Beach includes the AQHA Champions Dear’s Cheta and Dear’s Matinee. These foals came about when Little Dixie Beach was owned by the Birdtail Ranch of Doug and Nancy Dear.

The mare Little Mayflower was foaled in 1944. She was sired by San Siemon. This mare has no performers to report in the AQHA. Next came M’s Tom Benear II by Tommy Clegg. This stallion earned two halter points and one performance point. He was an NCHA money earner. This stallion was the only official point earner in the AQHA out of Dixie Beach.

Dixann was a bay mare foaled in 1947. She was the dam of four ROM race horses. They include Dixie Anna; Gandy Dancer; Miss Teen and Three Degrees. Dixie Mike was foaled in 1948 out of Dixie Beach and sired by San Siemon. He has no show or sire record to report. Dandy Girl was Dixie Beach’s 1949 foal. She was sired by Little Mike. This mare has no show or produce record.

Bay Pee Wee was also sired by Little Mike. He was foaled in 1950. This stallion sired several performers like the AQHA Champion Sammy H McCue. Some of his ROM performers were Boy Booger, Chock’s Pee Wee and Mr Cravit.

Harlan was the last registered foal out of Dixie Beach. As you can see, this mare has been a great influence on the quarter horse as a breed, especially when teamed with her sister Lady Coolidge. She was truly a foundation mare for the breed and we have only scratched the surface of her descendants. She is one of the reasons we have come to know that "great sires have great mothers" and now we know why it was important for Bob Robey to give up his idea of gelding Harlan and then allowing his stallion to become a top notch sire. ~ End

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