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  Alamo Gold Futurity
AppaloosaCutting SSA
AppaloosaReining SSA
Ark-La-Tex Futurity (p)
Barrel Breeders (BBI)
Barrel Daze Fut & Derby
Cal Reining Stallion Stakes
Carolina Classic Futurity (p)
Center of the Nation Fut (CON)
Delaware QHA Futurity (q)
Dixie Paint Horse Club (p)
Double Your Pleasure
East Coast Breeders Fut (p) Georgia ApHC SSA
Georgia PHC Futurity (p)
Georgia QHA Futurity (q)
Go For the Gold (OPEA)
Green Country PHC  Fut (p) Hells Canyon PHC Fut (p)
Illinois PHC SSA Fut (p)
Illinois QHA SSA Futurity (q)
Indiana PHC Futurities (p)
Iowa Paint Horse Club SSA & Futurity ~ Stallion Auction
Iowa QHA SSA Futurity (q)
JJ Classic Futurity & Derby
Just For Pleasure
Kansas PHC Breeders Fut 
Kentucky Paint Horse Club
Kentucky PH Breeders Fut
Kentucky QH Association
Kentucky QH Breeders Fut
Lone Star QHA Futurity (q)
Louisiana PHC SSA Fut
Louisiana QHA Futurity (q)
Michigan Buckskin Fut (q)
Mid South QH Breeders Fut
Midwest Horseman (MWHA)
Minnesota PHC Auction & Fut
Missouri PHC Breeders Fut
Missouri QHA Futurity (q)
Mississippi QHA Futurity (q)
Montana PHC SSA & Fut
Nat Reining Breeders NRBC
NCHA Youth Cutting SSA
Nebraska Breeders Fut (p)
Nebrasska QHA Futurities
NEISCA Breeders Futurity
Northern Ohio QHA Fut (q)
Northern Region Futurity Tour
Nat Reining Breeders NRBC
NRCHA Futurity 2006
NRHA Sire & Dam Program
NSBA (National Snaffle Bit)
NW Congress SSA (q) - WA
Ohio QHA Futurity (q)
Ohio PHC SSA & Futurity
Oklahoma PHC Land Rush Fut
Oregon FQHA Futurity (q)
Oregon Triple Crown Fut.
Pacific Coast Cal-Breds (q)
Pacific NorthWest PHC (WA)
Palmetto PHC SSA (SC)
P.O.N.Y. Ass'n Futurities
Rocky Mtn PHC Breeders Fut
Rocky Mountain QHA (q)
Rocky Mtn Reining Horse
Sierra PCH Breeders Fut (ca)
Sooner Appaloosa H Club
So Dakota Paint SSA & Fut
So Ohio QHA Breedrs Fut (q)
Tennessee PHC Fut
Tennessee (West) WTQHA
Tom Powers Futurity  
Utah PHC SSA & Futurity
Valley QH Breeders (q) - CA
Virginia QHA Futurity (q)
Washington-Bred Paint Fut
West Tennessee QHA
Western States Cutting Horse
    Association SSA & Futurity
Wisconsin PHC SSA & Fut


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Central Virginia PHC SSA (p)
Copper Country SSA (p)
Eastern Ohio SSA Futurity
Empire State SSA & Fut (p)
Golden State Palomino
    Association Weanling Fut
Ontario QHA Futurity



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Appaloosa Horse Club
ApHC Breeders Trust Program ~ 200

Opt-in Index of ApHC Breeders Trust Stallions

Click to view Appaloosa Breeders Trust nominated stallions

Here is the low-down on Futurities, Limited Aged Events, and Futurity Associations ... with special emphasis on Stallion Incentives for people breeding their mares to eligible Quarter Horse, Paint, Appaloosa and Thoroughbred stallions. 

If your stallion is not getting the
attention he deserves
from mare owners
. . . maybe it isn't his fault.

Especially if he is a nominated sire in a
Breed, Regional or Performance Futurity.

Let us show you the difference.

Mare owners: many discount stallion services
available by purchasing through Futurity
stallion service incentive programs.

 Select breed association and Futurity organizations
linked at the left side menu on this page.
Call HorsesOnly to have your Futurity organization
 added at no cost to this menu.  785-456-8600.


NOTE: Shipping fees for cooled or frozen semen ordinarily apply. A few include
the cost of first shipment in the breeding fee.  Contact stallion managers for details.


 DK Smart Mate - 2003 chestnut with roaned hip. He will not be breeding out of house in 2007. We invite you to come back next year to visit us. Whispering Spirit Ranch,  Cheryl Pozzi, Sandia Park, NM.  Phone: 505-385-6360.

Gay Bars Silver, palomino with blanket, star. 4-time World Champion Appaloosa Cutting Horse;  Cooled and frozen semen - LFG. Contact: TOP Appaloosas, Liz Kincaid, Argyle TX -  phone: 940-464-4235

Straws Mighty Magnum - 1996 palomino/champagne; blanket w/spots; LFG, SCS, N/N (no Impressive blood); 15.3 hh; 1100 lbs. ~  Owned by: Still Seeing Spots Appaloosas, Jacob & Kristine Ryun, Okawville IL - Phone: 715-421-1971.

No other advertising offers so much value year around.
 It's our way of thanking you for your business!



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 Horse-for-Sale Ads  FREE until further notice!

Breeders Trust Program Overview:

The Appaloosa Breeder's Trust is an investment and incentive program offered by the ApHC for all owners of Appaloosa stallions and their foals. Breeders must be ApHC members in good standing.

The get of Breeders' Trust nominated stallions become eligible for nomination to the 5-year incentive program. All funds (minus a 5 percent administrative charge) are maintained in a separate account and subsequently distributed back to the horse owners, in direct proportion to ApHC sanctioned points earned by the foals.

The one-time nomination fee, if done prior to December 31 of its birth year, enrolls the foal in the program for all five years. 

Upgrades the overall value and prestige of the Appaloosa Breed.

Foal nomination carries a one-time $100 fee if the foal is produced by an Appaloosa mare. If the foal is from a non-Appaloosa mare, the fee is $150. To qualify for these rates, a foal owner must nominate the foal prior to December 31 of its birth year or the appropriate schedule will apply:

Yearlings: $200 
Two-Year-Olds: $400 
Three-Year-Olds: $800 
Four and Five-Year-Olds: $1,000 
Although the earnings from the trust are taxable, according to current IRS rules and regulations, the enrollment or nomination fee is deductible.

Appaloosa Journal will publish, from January to June, a Breeder's Trust Directory of nominated stallions.

For an annual fee a stallion is enrolled in the program. Stallion nomination fees are:
     Prior to the breeding season $200.00 
     During the breeding season $300.00 
     Until August 1st of the year after the breeding season $600.00

Breeders Trust stallion list at the ApHC web site
General Information about the Trust

Appaloosa Horse Club 
2720 W. Pullman Road
Moscow, ID 83843 
(208) 882-5578  
ApHC on the Web

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