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How to Submit Classified Stallion at Stud and Horse for Sale Ad pages at

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Finding the right stallion is not simple.

Information is around,  but there is so much, how do you know what matters,  what's accurate, what it means, and how to make best choices from it? Otherwise, all you have to go on are published show and sale results, hype and smoke,  and familiar names in pedigrees with no real understanding of their significance. Statistical summaries don't tell enough. Compared to what? Basically,  it's a guess-and-hope game with not much solid information to sink your teeth into.

So, this page is offered to get you connected quickly to the type of information you seek. Check the sidebar menu on the left now if you are in a rush.

Anything you can do to improve your odds of success is critical. Especially when you consider the cost of owning horses ... I've noticed they never stop eating ... plus the enormous amount of time and effort it takes to achieve your goals. It's not like raising rabbits,  and you can't eat your mistakes.

Over the years, I have found that certain ancestors seem to show up in consistently in superior performers.  Often these important ancestors are mares. It's very hard to put this together except after tracing huge numbers of pedigrees back to their earliest roots.

Deep pedigree research is very, very  interesting. Once you are bitten by the  bug, you really are hooked forever.

Key remote ancestors are not only key to a successful pedigree,  but are a necessary ingredient.  Additionally, the location on the pedigree chart,  and the duplicated presence and location of his or her ancestors,  as well as the number of generations between related ancestors can greatly influence the quality and characteristics you are breeding or searching for.

New pedigree/performance database.

We are currently developing a custom  programmed online pedigree database with quality controls in place. This will assure the accuracy of bloodlines, performance and progeny of horses before they are accepted as permanent data for the system. You will find it far more reliable than resources which allow uncensored public input.

The resources you see on our web pages are the result of data accumulated and compiled over 40 years while offering Quarter Horse pedigree research and sale catalog preparation services.

We believe pedigree matters and have seen the results that prove it. I need to get this sort of information into your hands and let you come to conclusions that support your situation. Much better than fumbling in the dark.

Whether you are a stallion owner or a horse breeder, it is my hope that our resources will enable you to establish a better trail.

Keep up with our progress HERE:


Andrea Mattson,  owner/webmaster

- God Blessed America - Les Brinsfield - 2007
Inbreeding -- from a forthcoming book by Larry Thornton
The Real American QH - part 1  - part 2  - Paul Mattson
Choosing a Sire - Ralph E Morrison - "The Catleman"  - Sept 1947
TB Influence on the Foundation Quarter Horse - Andrea Mattson
Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodlines - A. Mattson
Heart of the Matter -- Marianna Haun
M. L McGehee - Breeder of Legends
      (Bartender, Old Vaughn Mare, Sergeant, etc.)
First Down Dash - His Foundation Roots Didn't Hurt Him
Reading a Pedigree -- Pedigree basics - Larry Thornton
Calculating Percentages of Foundation Blood -- Pat Taylor

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