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Click image to order DVD/VHS        Every week in the United States, 250 farms and ranches go out of business. Will the Sager family ranch be next? Twenty-three years in the making, Jon Alpert's THE LAST COWBOY follows Vern Sager, a real American cowboy, through his hardscrabble life in one of the most isolated places in America. Out on the range with temperatures so extreme your herd can freeze overnight, Vern faces an army of adversaries: cattle rustlers, international agribusiness, old age, the weather and the wanderlust of his own family.

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Learn more about Vern Sager.


If you ever wondered what happened to the 48 horses who earned AQHA's highest performance award,  tune in to this new quarterly newsletter dedicated to promoting the long term welfare of the American Quarter Horse by encouraging the breeding, exhibition, and functional use of horses that best exemplify the traits and qualities of the ideal Quarter Horse as envisioned by the Association's original founders. Great articles, photos,  news and even a forum about the AQHA Supreme Champions. 

Chris' Horse Racing World
Join Chris Forbes,  whose "racetrack diary" will be an insightful account of his weekend adventures to horse races across the country.  A talented interviewer and writer, he will also be bringing you many interesting stories about people in the horse racing industry, such as jockeys (male/female), trainers, horse owners, jockey agents, grooms, hotwalkers, and if he can pull it off <smile> maybe even some race track owners!.

This Gal Means Business!
There is a great saying she likes a lot ... "If you always do what you have always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten."  Patty Vance - horsewoman, business development and marketing consultant will provide our readers with regular articles for the equine industry. Heaven knows we need all the help we can get!  Her expert advice on building a horse business,  offered with no punches pulled,  is right on the mark.

Foundation Flashbacks
Revisiting past Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa legends with the advantage of hindsight and new genetic discoveries.  Here you will find articles and photos about foundation horses that help us appreciate their contribution to the breed.

Training from the Horse's Point of View
Everyday training solutions made easier by learning how horses interpret their situations and perceive human behavior.  Such a simple concept,  but one that often eludes us in our quest for better communication and training methods.  Marie Hoffman puts us in the horse's mind for a better vantage point to understanding the way a horse thinks,  learns and develops trust in their human partner.

For the pedigree addict with an appetite for in-depth pedigree studies on legendary Thoroughbreds,  this is your "fix."  David Manser,  a Thoroughbred pedigree and breeding enthusiast from Melbourne,  Australia, is serving up articles that satisfy and sustain.  But,  don't be surprised if his ideas send you searching deeper and deeper into the  family roots of these phenomenal performers and producers.  Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa breeders will gain extra  appreciation of the Thoroughbred ancestors whose bloodlines are  woven through the fabric of their breeds.

X Factor
No, it's not from outer space ... horse breeders have been bucking this phenomenon for hundreds of years. Horsewoman, breeder, journalist and author, Marianna Haun explains her discovery of the genetic path linking today's modern racehorses, along the X-chromosome trail, to the mighty heart of Eclipse.  You will be excited when you discover which Quarter Horse sire lines have transmitted this superior heart to the top racing and performance horses of today. Will breeders select for this trait ... and how will that affect the horse industry?

Cowboy Poetry & Western Humor  
A little something to lighten your day.  contributions welcome!

HorseRacing News Daily
A handy way to stay informed of the latest Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing headlines from various news and horseracing sources.  Updated daily,  so it's always fresh!.

Champagne Connection
Until recently, I just thought champagne was that bubbly stuff sipped on special occasions. Then I met Audra Pennebaker. I discovered that her kind of champagne can make you just as dizzy ... and it lasts a lot longer!

Appaloosa Journeys
Every since "The Stallion Finder" went online,   we've had many requests to include Appaloosas.  We're ready and on a roll ... with noted contributors such as Lori Munro!  We are very excited about this tremendous volume of historical information and stories from the past about America's most colorful and legendary horses

Appaloosa NEWS
A quick reference archive of news releases from the ApHC.


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