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Chris Forbes

Chris and jockey Lisa Dellipaoli at Garden State Park in '99

November 29, 2001

HorsesONLY is very happy to add a great feature for our racing fans!   We invite you to enjoy the contributions of an energetic horse racing buff,  whose "racetrack diary" will be an insightful personal re-play of his weekend adventures to races across the country.

A talented interviewer and writer,  he will also be bringing you many interesting stories about people in the horse racing industry,  such as jockeys (male/female), trainers, horse owners, jockey agents, grooms, hotwalkers,  and if he can pull it off <smile> maybe even some race track owners! 

Forbes' first Diary entry takes you to three of his favorite tracks ... Delaware Park,  Philadelphia Park,  and Charlestown Race Track in West Virginia.  ENJOY!

For more information about Chris,  visit a site dedicated to female jockeys ... The Female on the Horse ... Blink and you might miss them!  Forbes is also the publisher of MetalCore a music fanzine he started in 1986 that covers the heavier side of music. 

A Note from Chris

Welcome to my section here on Andrea's web site.  I'm  pleased to be a contributor for the "Crossroads" racing pages,  and hope you will have a lot of fun following my adventures at the track.  I am by no means a big bettor ...  just a passionate horse racing fan. So please, I welcome any feedback and comments on my page, good or bad

Chris in the Garden State Park winner's circle with jockey Rolanda Simpson presenting an award 
on the last day ever of live racing,  May 3,  2001.

I worked at Garden State Park for 15 years before it recently closed in May of 2001. On the last day of live racing ever,  I was fortunate enough to present an award in the winner's circle,  as you can see in the above picture.

I also just started working a new job over at Philadelphia Park race track as well. That is my background as far as horse racing goes


Current Diary  ~  Feature Interview  ~  Archive Index   

Copyright (c) 2001 Chris Forbes.  All rights reserved. No material, articles or images may be used in whole or in part in any media without written permission from the copyright holder.

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