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Out-of-Print Book - Mint condition! Almost sold out.  This ad space will be available in January 2006  Call Andrea for information to reserve this space now. 785-456-8600.
Out of Print - Mint in the Box

Nelson Nye's last book. Hard cover, 356 pages, 150 photos.
Nearly out of stock!
Buy before they are gone.

See excerpts from this book:
Pacific Bailey ~ Sugar Bars
Three Chicks ~ Tiny Charger
Tiny Watch

Pedigree Reference for the Nineties!  9,000 stallions.
Book on Sale - 9,000 stallions

8 1/2 x 11 inches, laminated soft cover with silver foil lettering. 
528 pages. $35. Free Shipping.

A treasure trove of stallion pedigree patterns from the nineties! Find out which of these great sire lines have lived on in today's champions, and where to locate them in current stallions!
Ships with free '96 companion edition while supplies last for just $35.

Born Survivors on the Eve of Extinction. Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?

Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?

(Hardy Oelke)  The amazing discovery of Iberian Wild horses in the American West. A very well written, thought-provoking book with over 90 spectacular full color photos of wild horses.
If you have a dun Quarter Horse, these horses are undoubtedly the original source of that color. A great book for any horseman. Hard cover, filled with color photos taken in the wild by the author over a period of years. Learn more about this fascinating ancient ancestor of all light horse breeds.
Click for photos & excerpts

In stock.  $35. includes Priority USPS Shipping.

Roots - Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodlines - by A. Mattson

Only 6 left in print.
See more information.
$20.  includes
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Speed and the Quarter Horse:  
A Payload of Sprinters
Nelson C. Nye. 

View excerpts here

Mint out-of-print. book still shrink wrapped in original shipping box.


SPECIAL!  $179  includes Priority Mail shipping within USA.



Out-of-print.  These are uncirculated copies, in original boxes and shrink-wrap. Mint condition. High quality, historically important,   a collector item that will gain in value.  Hardcover, simulated leather with beautiful dust jacket.  This small supply is almost gone.  A fabulous find. When these are gone,  there will be no second chance.  

Comment by Andrea: 
This is a dispersal of a serious collection of Quarter Horse books offered significantly below market value.  They will likely sell fast,  so check out this list and get in touch with the seller ASAP.

Posted 2-28-2012:  by 

IMPORTANT: The pricing on the following list does NOT include shipping. 
       Ask for a shipping quote when ordering. 

4 AQHA original Stud Books/soft covers. Book #3 has some damage to cover and a few pages on the bottom / does not affect any of the information. Good shape for age. Lots of pictures $100.

4 Hard Cover Limited Edition Books (all numbered.) The Hank Wiescamp Story by Frank Holmes #245 of 1000, -- Legends / published by The Western Horseman. Vol. 1 is #588 of 1000; Vol. 2 is #142 of 1500; and Vol. 3 is #265 of 1000.  Excellent condition. $200.

Cajun-Bred Running Horses by F S LeBlanc,  First Edition, signed by Author. Very good condition $125.

Quarter Horse News Stallion Register 2000 thru 2011 --  Excellent condition $50.

31 magazines:
3) Great Plains Quarter Horse April, May & June 1959
28) Quarter Horse Digest -- 1) Nov 1960;  6)1961;  2) 1962,   8)1964;  2) 1965; 5) 1976;  4) 1977. Very good condition $90.

9 Volumes: Palomino Horse Breeders of America Stud Books (soft covers) -- 1942 thru 1961 with 2 supplements: 1947 & 1948. Spines show some rub wear & supplement 1948 has a little damage to top of spine. In good shape for their age. Lots of pictures. $275.

3 volume set: The Quarter Horse by Bob Denhardt 1941, 1945 & 1950 .Number of pictures. In good shape $150.

Quarter Horses In Australia by Chris Hector & Max McTaggart, signed by Max McTaggart  $45.
National Quarter Horse Breeders Assoc Stud Book #2.  Hard Cover (Very Good condition) lots of pictures $45.

4 First edition Hard Cover AQHA Stud Books:
 1st book: Combined vols 1, 2 & 3;
  2nd book is Vol 5 (lots & lots of pictures)
  3rd and 4th books are: Vol 6  and Vol 7.      $100.

6 Hard over Books: Doc Bar by Gala Nettles, King Ranch & Little Peppy Vols  I, II & III by Gala Nettles, King by Frank Holmes,  Fame & Glory by Gala Nettles -- all in very good condition w/dust covers $90.

4 Legends/ published by The Western Horseman:  Vol 4, 5, 6 & 7.  Soft cover, very good condition $40.

The Quarter Horse by Ann Hyland.  Hard cover, very Good Condition $10.

3 Hard Cover Books all by Nelson C Nye:
Great Moments In Quarter Racing History, Champions of the Quarter Track (cover show some wear & it has an inscription To Chip from Grand Daddy);  Outstanding Modern Quarter Horse Sires (inscription to Elmer & Luke from Nelson C Nye 1948).   $50.

4 Soft cover Books:   Vol 1, 2 & 3 Trendsetters by Gala Nettles,  and  Wire To Wire - The Walter Merrick Story, by Frank Holmes.  like new $ 55.

2 soft cover books: The Driftwood Legacy & Driftwood Horseman Anthology & Directory --- (plus 10 Driftwood Breeders Newletters Vol.1 # 1, 2, 3, 4 + Dec 1995 update;  Vol. 2 # 1, 2, 3 &5  + Nov 1996 update. These are in archiival sheet protectors.)  $35.

2 Books by Nelson C Nye --- The Complete Book of the Quarter Horse and Speed And The Quarter Horse. In good shape $70.

2 Books:  History of the All American Futurity (hard cover) very good;  and soft cover: The American Broodmare Vol 1 July 1982  (each mare is pictured - mostly QH mares,  a few TB.  Really nice shape $50.

3 Books: The First Twenty quarter Horses by Victoria Ann Short; The Real American Quarter Horse by Paul Mattson (this book is a numbered copy #122 signed & dated by Author  and there is also a hand written letter dated and signed. ( Both books soft cover & in good shape); and They Rode Good Horses by Don Hedgpeth (hard cover): $65.

6 Books: Horseman Brand of a Legend by Hugh L Bennett (autobiography; Matlock Rose The Horseman by Sally Harrison; Just Shorty and Mr Pat by Gala Nettles (all hard cover), --  Some Horses by Thomas McGuane, The Cowboy & His Elephant by Malcolm MacPherson $50.

3 Books: The Quarter Horse Breeder by Lindeman, The Palomino Horse by Doreen Martin Norton ( both books have a named inscribed); Fabulous Quarter Horse: Steel Dust by Wayne Gard (cover shows some wear $75.

5 books: all by Robert M Denhart: The Quarter Running Horse, --  The King Ranch Quarter Horses, --  Quarter Horses: A Story of Two Centuries,  --  Foundation Sires of the American Quarter Horse, and  Foundation Dams of the American Quarter. All hard cover. Tthere are some hand written notes. Dust Jackets show some wear $80.

1 Book: America's Super Horse Rugged Lark by Rebekah F Witter. Hard Cover $25.
12 Books: The Foundation Quarter Horse Directory Vol 1,2,3,4 & 5;  --  Old Time Cow Horses,  --  Quarter Horse In The Beginning,  --  Horse Tales: Horse Sense N Horsemen,  --  Poco Bueno N Pine,  --  Trails of the Foundation Quarter Horse ( all compiled by Dillion Shook)  --  Cow Horses N Quarter Horses by George Comfort & Horse Tradin and Other Tales by Ralph Dye ( all are soft cover & are in very good condition $100.

5 Books: Working Line 1 & 2 by Larry Thornton, Roots Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodline by Andrea Mattson; The Quarter Running Horse Chart Book July 1961  --   The Most Influential Quarter Horse Sires by Andrea Laycock Pitzer (this book signed by Author) all soft covers all in good condition $40.

2 Books: Western Equitation, Horsemanship and Showmanship by Dwight Stewart (signed by author) and The Horse of the Americas by Robert Denhardt (previous owner's named inside.) hard covers $35.
5 Books: Using The American Quarter Horse by L N Sikes, How To Enjoy The Quarter Horse by Willard H Porter, The Quarter Horse by Walter D Osborne, The American Quarter Horse by Jack Widmer; and The Quarter Horse Directory 1970 edition published by The Quarter Horse Directory Ft Worth, TX. Several books have previous owners name in them $50.

4 Books: The Quarter Horse by Bob Denhardt (reprint 1982) -- Using The American Quarter Horse by L N Sikes, -- The American Quarter Horse by Betty Lou Phillips -- and  Saga Of The American Quarter Horse by Barbara Muse Huntington (signed by author) all hard cover $45.

6 Books (spiral): Thoroughbred Sires of Quarter Horses Vol 1,2 & 3 by Susan Larkin, The Origin of the Quarter Horse in America by James T Barry, Notable Quarter Horse Sires 1900 thru 1964 by Kathy Gunderson & Unregistered Foundation Sires of the American Quarter Horse by Victoria Anne Short. All in excellent condition $120.

8 Books: Stallion Journal sire reference 1990, 1991, 1992 & 1993 by Pat Cundiff, The Stallion Finder 1995 & 1996 by Paul & Andrea Mattson, National Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion Directory 1998 & Vol II (1999) -- all soft cover all are like new $100.

9 volume set:  Quarter Horse Reference 1972 & 1974Supplements: 1973, 1975 & 1976, Supplements QHR/Quarter Racing Digest 1977, 1978, 1979 & 1980.  All hard cover like new condition $120 .

72 issues of the Horse Lover's Magazine years 1949, 1950, 1960 & one 1970. One is minus a cover & a few have loose page but are complete $ 70.

159 magazines: 
  6) Buckskin & Foundation QH 1999 & 2000,
11) Foundation QH (news paper style) 2000 thru 2003,
40) Foundation QH Bi/Monthly & Quarterly 1995 thru 2002
30) Foundation QH news paper style 2004 thru 2008
71) National Foundation QH 1995 thru 2009
  1) 1st Annual Foundation QH Stallion Directory 1999    $100

Wire To Wire: The Walter Merrick Story 2 copies like new. $10 each.

Album of the Horse by Marguerite Henry.  Red Cover,  1st Edition.  Previous owners named inscribed inside. Book is in very good condition $25.

Whirlaway The Life and Times of a Great Racer by Bert Clark Thayer, 1st Edition, inscribed with previous owner's name.  Book in Good condition $25.

IMPORTANT: The pricing on the following list does NOT include shipping. 
       Ask for a shipping quote when ordering. 


The very rare volume one 1972 edition which was the first printing.
It covers performance titles earned by all Quarter Horses from the beginning of A.Q.H.A. to Jan 1st. 1972.   A Supplement was added in 1973 to be used with volume one. In 1974 a revised edition of the Quarter Horse Reference was issued which covers all horses from beginning of A.Q.H.A. to Jan, 1st 1974.  Supplements were issued yearly from 1974 through 1980 (6 books). The set contains all 9 editions. These books are in very good to excellent condition. I have not heard of another complete set for sale any where. If you would like to make an offer on this collection please call 228-217-0225. For pictures or more information you can e-mail  (posted 10-14-2011)

BOOK WANTED: "Alberta's Best Vol. 1" by Maggie Glynn-Jensen, Published by Quebecor Printing, Calgary, Alberta. 1996 Please Contact: Poco88'at' (posted 7-11-2010)  


Legends 1-6, excellent condition. $100.

Speed and The Quarter Horse. Nye. $250
Real American Quarter Horse. Mattson. $50
The Most Influential Quarter Horse Sires. Pitzer. $25
Reference To Thoroughbred Roots Of The Quarter Horse. Mattson. $25
Foundation Dams Of The American Quarter Horse. Denhardt. $50
Foundation Sires Of The American Quarter Horse. Denhardt. $50
The Racehorse Owners Survival Manual. Ivers. $150
Illustrated Equine Veterinary Encyclopedia/ Equine Treatments/Medications.
      2 vols. Leather Bound. $150
The Lame Horse. Rooney. $75
Lameness in Horses. Adams. $75

Paperbacks some may be out of print or hard to find:
Blood Analysis of Performance Horses. Shannon. $25
Respiratory Disease. Gray. $25
Owners Guide to Respiratory Problems in the horse. Boehringer Ingelheim Vet Medica. $25
Guide to Pedigree Research. Mattson. $25
Roots: Foundation Quarterhorse Bloodlines. Mattson. $25
Equine Drugs. E. Kellon VMD. $25 (well used)

Miscellaneous: excellent condition
Healing Your Horse, Alternative Therapies. Snader.Willoughby, et al .. $25
The Man Who Listens to Horses. Roberts. $25
Horse Care Tips from A-Z. Equus. $15
Cutting. Training the Horse and Rider. Freeman $35.
Cutting, A Guide for the Non-Pro. Harrison. $35

Magazines: please email for years available:
Speedhorse. $3.00 each
Speedhorse Stallion Editions, very large. 1992-2010. $15 each
Southwestern Track.$3.00 each
Quarter Racing Journals/Q-Racing. $7.00 each.

Sale Catalogs.
Heritage Place all years from 1993-2008. very large. $25 each.
Ruidoso Yearling Sale. 1997-2001. $25 each.
Vessels Yearling Sale. 2005.
*** Phillips Ranch Dispersal (a legendary sale) 1993 $100.

*Some of these books may have ink marks, etc in certain I did use them all well...but they are not damaged.


SIRE LINES by Abe Hewitt - For anyone interested in TB pedigrees, I have a first edition copy of Sire Lines by Abe Hewitt for sale for $95. I have seen them at $150-$200. The covers got wet along the way and are warped about 1/4". Shipping is included. Payment by PayPal at is cool or a check  made out to Les Brinsfield, Box 1736, Lexington KY 40588  (Email me prior to payment to verify the book is still available). (posted 5-19-08)



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