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Nelson Nye's last book. Hard cover, 356 pages, 150 photos.
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See excerpts from this book:
Pacific Bailey ~ Sugar Bars
Three Chicks ~ Tiny Charger
Tiny Watch

Pedigree Reference for the Nineties!  9,000 stallions.
Book on Sale - 9,000 stallions

8 1/2 x 11 inches, laminated soft cover with silver foil lettering. 
528 pages. $35. Free Shipping.

A treasure trove of stallion pedigree patterns from the nineties! Find out which of these great sire lines have lived on in today's champions, and where to locate them in current stallions!
Ships with free '96 companion edition while supplies last for just $35.

Born Survivors on the Eve of Extinction. Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?

Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?

(Hardy Oelke)  The amazing discovery of Iberian Wild horses in the American West. A very well written, thought-provoking book with over 90 spectacular full color photos of wild horses.
If you have a dun Quarter Horse, these horses are undoubtedly the original source of that color. A great book for any horseman. Hard cover, filled with color photos taken in the wild by the author over a period of years. Learn more about this fascinating ancient ancestor of all light horse breeds.
Click for photos & excerpts

In stock.  $35. includes Priority USPS Shipping.

Roots - Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodlines - by A. Mattson

Only 6 left in print.
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$20.  includes
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9 volume set:  Quarter Horse Reference 1972 & 1974Supplements: 1973, 1975 & 1976, Supplements QHR/Quarter Racing Digest 1977, 1978, 1979 & 1980.  All hard cover like new condition $120. plus shipping  Posted 2-28-2012:  by

The very rare volume one 1972 edition which was the first printing.
It covers performance titles earned by all Quarter Horses from the beginning of A.Q.H.A. to Jan 1st. 1972. 
A Supplement was added in 1973 to be used with volume one.
In 1974 a revised edition of the Quarter Horse Reference was issued which covers all horses from beginning of A.Q.H.A. to Jan, 1st 1974.  Supplements were issued yearly from 1974 through 1980 (6 books).

The set contains all 9 editions. These books are in very good to excellent condition. I have not heard of another complete set for sale any where. If you would like to make an offer on this collection please call 228-217-0225. For pictures or more information you can e-mail  (posted 10-14-2011)

Set of complete Appaloosa Stud Books, Volumes 1 - 28 $800. Please contact Mona McPherson, Central Point, OR 97502. Phone: 541-944-0333 - Email:  (posted 3-12-09)

Appaloosa Horse Club Stud Book and Registry, Volume IV hardback - in very good to excellent condition.  Has over 1230 pages. Make Offer.  Also have some older green hardback Quarter Horse Stud Books for Sale.  Contact Cookie at (posted 3-3-09)

 First seven (7) volumes THE AMERICAN STUD BOOK Quite scarce. Original editions. Vols 1 & 2 by Sanders D. Bruce 1890. Loose bindings on three. Interiors completely pristine. Serious inquiries/offers only (posted 10-31-07)

 Complete set AQHA Stud Books: In very good condition. Make Offer.
306-773-4167 - (posted 7-30-07)

Complete set AQHA Stud Books: Volumes 1-thru 56 with 2-volume Errata. Very Good Condition. $2,000.  Also: Quarter Horse Reference Books: 1994 big book with 4 supplements.  $750. Phone 785-265-3745. Kansas (posted 8-15-06)

AQHA Stud Books, Complete Set: Vol: 1-5, 6-12, 11-12, 13-14, 15 through 56. Price reduced to $1,000 for quick sale, offers considered. Also have ...
many APHA studbooks, other old and rare AQHA books, magazines. In Montana. Posting for a horse owner without a computer; please e-mail for contact information and further details. (posted 4-12-06)

Complete set of AQHA stud books, like new. Green bound, complete set with indexes. (Also: boxes of Western Horseman magazines 1969 thru 1990 issues, not complete but in good condition. $5/piece ) Contact: devers'at'  , (806) 435-6441 (posted 3-25-2006)

AQHA Stud Books for Sale. # 11,13,14 good condition $10 ea. plus shipping. # 12,12,13,14,15 lesser quality for $6.00 each plus shipping. Photos and condition of individual numbers by e-mail. bellew'at'   (posted 11-16-05)

For Sale: Hard to find, Collectible AQHA Stud Books. #1 thru #19. Great Condition. 11 books total. (Volumes 1-5 and 6-10 are combined in 2 volumes) Hardcover green volumes with gold lettering. Reg #'s 1 thru 262,000. Best Offer. Email barbshep'at'  (posted 10-1-05)

APHA Stud Books:  Vol: 1-1 (paper), 2-2, 3-1, 4-1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Supplement to #10 (87,993 thru 88,931) and Vol 11.  Roger Ashley,  Fair Play MO, rashley03'at'  (posted 9-16-05)

AQHA Stud Books, Complete Set:  Vol: 1-5, 6-12, 11-12, 13-14,   15 through 56.  Alphabtical Index 1-812,200. Combined Errata Books 2 through #30 (1974)Roger Ashley,  Fair Play MO, rashley03'at'  (posted 9-16-05)


 "Alberta's Best Vol. 1" by Maggie Glynn-Jensen,
Published by Quebecor Printing, Calgary, Alberta. 1996

Please Contact:
Poco88'at' (posted 7-12-2010)  

I would like to purchase AQHA Stud Book # 36 (1212001 - 1262000).  If anyone has this book and would like to sell it please contact me by phone at 501-893-6336 or curryranch'at'


Equine Research Reference Books (QH)

FOR SALE:   Equine Research Quarter Horse Reference books published by Don M. Wagoner, all out-of-print:  Volume 1 (1972 red hardcover, 630 pages), 1975 Supplement, hardcover; 1976 QH Supplement, hardcover; The REAL American Quarter Horse "Versatile Athletes who proved SUPREME" is by Paul Mattson. It is out-of-print,  signed by the author, dated, 11-14-91 and numbered #182;  LEGENDS 4, Western Horseman Book  published in 1999 it features Shining Spark, Dash for Cash, Zan Parr Bar and Impressive on the cover. The cover is an Orren Mixer drawing of all 4, dated 7-1-99;  $200. for all 5 books, includes shipping. Phone: 585-494-0194  (posted 9-26-09)


Miscellaneous  Reference Books

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