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Looking for Pedigrees from the nineties??

This is treasure trove of stallion pedigree patterns from the nineties!
Find out which of these great sire lines have lived on in today's champions,
and where to locate them in current stallions!
9,000+ Quarter Horse, Paint and Thoroughbred stallion listings 
8 1/2 x 11 inches, laminated softcover. 528 pages.

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Every sire, paternal grandsire and maternal grandsire in these two printed volumes is cross-indexed ....... giving the names of all their sons and grandsons who are among these 9,000+ stallions standing to Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Paint mares in 1995 and 1996.

An incredible Pedigree Reference ... worth the entire price of the books themselves!

Do you know why these book has recently become
one of the most valuable breeding tools available?

Alphabetical stallion list includes first 7 ancestors, owners name and state. Stay on top of the breeding trends from the nineties to see where today's most popular horses came from. 
Trace and study pedigrees to your heart's content.
Article on how to use this reference

First Edition.
Edited by Andrea Laycock Mattson

A Classic!
The first edition complimentary listings provide over 9,000 stallions from all 50 states and 16 countries -- making it a keepsake pedigree reference for the nineties.

This classic First Edition will be a collector's treasure -- a beautiful gift to open and use again and again.

Article on how to use this reference

9,000+ Quarter Horse, Paint and Thoroughbred stallion listings 
8 1/2 x 11 inches, laminated softcover. 528 pages.

Second Edition.
Edited by Andrea Laycock Mattson

New features include Center Stage (a photo and advertising section), and a complete list of contact persons with their phone numbers in the Breeders Directory -- Think of it as a handy International Horseman's phone book!

Each horse is represented in the Alphabetical Index, the Pedigree Index (under dam, sire, and both grandsires), Geographic Index and Breeders Directory.

Now, finding stallions is a game you can win!

3,310 Quarter Horse, Paint and Thoroughbred stallions
8 1/2 x 11 inch laminated softcover.
328 pages.
SPECIAL:  FREE with the order of the 1995 Stallion Finder,  only while supplies last.

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