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 STOPBADWARE.ORG  (This is very new and very good!! )


These are a few links I find helpful.  No Guarantees. 
This sort of thing changes so fast it is hard to keep up.  Join a newsgroup!

What is spyware? Spyware is software that takes control of your browser and online activity. It can point your browser to Websites without your permission, flood your computer with popup ads, and cause your computer's performance to slow to a crawl. Spyware is used by some marketing companies to tailor advertising to your search patterns and interests. Even worse, spyware is used by criminals to steal your personal information to forge documents or open up illegal lines of credit. Whether the intent is criminal or sneaky marketing, spyware is an invasion of your right to privacy.

How does spyware infect computers? Spyware installs itself without your knowledge or permission. This happens most often when you download something online, such as free music, software, or content that some Websites download to your PC without a warning that files are being transferred. Suddenly, your computer begins to lag in performance, your Web browser seems to have a mind of its own and you know something is wrong, but can't find any evidence that anything has changed.

How do I get rid of it? Unlike most software, spyware does not come with any options to uninstall! It will not be listed in your Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel or appear as a program on your menus. Some spyware is so malicious that it includes a separate "helper" program that automatically downloads and installs the program again, if you manage to find it and remove it the first time.


Use the Symantec live
security alerts feed to the right >>

Excellent links are provided below. 


  • BrowserSpy  (tool) ~ BrowserSpy can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser. Things like the version of your browser. What kind of things it supports and what it doesn't support. Furthermore it can provide you detailed information about JavaScript, Java, Plug-ins, Components, Bandwidth, Language, Screen, Hardware, IP, Cookies, Web Server, and much more....

  • Microsoft Security Advice and Spyware Downloads - Learn more about the symptoms of spyware and other unwanted software and how you can help protect your computer. Watch a video, download the free Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) program and others.

  • Virus Bulletin ... independant anti-virus advice. Resources about Viruses, Spam, and Hoaxes.

  • The Spyware Guide  - What you need & need to know about protecting your computer.

  •  for Miscrosoft issues.

  • - TaskList - A comprehensive list of processes running in your computer is the ultimate resource to help you determine if your computer is infected with spyware, adware or viruses. Alphabetical  list of filenames. (total tasks: 6291)

  •   AttachList is a list of attachment files that viruses usually send in email. It contains the attached file names, typical subjects and messages, the name of the viruses that send them, and instruction on how to remove these viruses. (total tasks: 16297 )


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